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How often should I visit a chiropodist?
Normally every 6-8 weeks.  This applies when you want us to manage the health of your feet and treat them as needed.  Otherwise, it is entirely up to you to come in as and when you feel the need.

It’s expensive isn’t it? Why should I bother when I can go to the NHS?
It’s all about preventing pain and keeping you moving.  All problems with the feet are caused the way you walk or by your genetics. Shoes exacerbate the situation, but they do not necessarily cause it. You could be preventing a knee or hip replacement in later life by acting now, because when you are out alignment in your feet, it has a knock-on effect up the body by firstly causing corns and hard skin, then later on bunions, shin splints, sore knees, hips and lower back.

So it’s important to have your feet checked regularly, just as you would your teeth, your eyes or your car. Having your feet examined by a chiropodist could save years of unnecessary expense and discomfort.

It is also worth noting that the NHS now only takes on patients with chronic circulatory and diabetic problems.

How should I look after my feet between visits?
If you attend regular treatments, you don’t need to do much. Just make sure you dry between your toes after a shower or bath. Make sure you regularly apply any antifungal or verruca treatments daily.  Applying moisturising cream twice a day will prevent dry skin, especially cracks in the heels.

I am nervous about coming to a chiropodist, do the treatments hurt?
We do try not to hurt anyone.  All we want is for you to walk out of the Clinic feeling happier than when you walked in.  If you’re ticklish, don’t worry about that either, we hold your feet steady so that you trust us.

What age should my children start visiting you?
This Clinic primarily focuses on adults.

I haven’t got time to visit, I work all day. Do you have later/earlier appointments?
Yes, but call to enquire about availability.

Do you do home visits?
No, we don’t, but we know chiropodists and foot health practitioners who do.
Please call us on 01536 458 381 to get their number.